Fox News Alert: Adm Mullen “Risk of War in Korea”

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Fox News Alert: Adm Mullen “Risk of War in Korea”

I stated numerous times on this website that there will be  chance of a major war after the November election. The N. Korea part was a curve ball I did not see, but I was pretty damn close. Closer than these so called experts on Cable News.

This of course is related to the currency war that we are dealing with right now with China. Terrorism and these proxies of Russia and China are pushing us to the brink of war and eventual surrender due to economic and military collapse. It would be the perfect conspiracy, stage all of this drama and then surrender to avoid a “world war” or destruction of the world by a nuclear war.

Is our collapse being staged to avoid a nuclear war, to ensure our surrender? We might have that answer very soon. The global economic crisis is all tied into this extortion by Marxists and Muslims. I see it very clearly. Convert, surrender or DIE.      

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