Fox News Anchor Silenced on Obama Eligibility Issue

Fox News Anchor Silenced on Obama Eligibility Issue

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Birther is the FIRST site that i go to when I need an update on the Obama Eligibility Issue. I try to balance The Conservative Monster between news on Global Terrorism, Politics, Communism and so on. The Marxists are coming at us from so many different directions and I am only one man.

I do still report on the Birther Issue, but not as much as I used to since I believe that there is a tight lid on that conspiracy. It is just as tight as the JFK Assassination.

I have posted many times about why I believe Fox News is very scared of this issue and that is that I allege they are trying to protect John McCain and Cheney’s fingerprints. I find it very interesting that Fox News likes to shout about Media Matters, but they have no problem zipping their lips on the Eligibility Issue when Media Matters points out any reporting on the issue that they find to be ‘dangerous’.

It is interesting that Media Matters is the free speech police for politics and the Birther Issue.

Why doesn’t Media Matters police the Internet for ‘Warmers’ and their false claims about global warming and climate change? Does Climate Gate ring a bell? Report about that, you Communist bastards.

Anyway…here is another good story by Birther Keep up the great work…


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