10 thoughts on “Fox News Dumps Dick Morris”


  2. Yeah, well, he bet his career on his projection that Romney would win and he was wrong. Guess he didn’t realize Obama was going to steal the whole thing through fraud?

    Now if FAUX would just shit-can Rove… This bloated sack of cat-crap is one more reason why I can barely even watch FAUX anymore.

  3. I feel bad for Dick Morris. I think he is a decent guy and i honestly don’t think he realized how bad the election fraud was going to be. I do think Romney would have won by a landslide if we didn’t have a Banana Republic election. I know i refused to think about the possiblity of election fraud putting asshole back in – it was just too horrifying a thought. I thought for sure Romney would win and it really helped my mood and disposition in the months leading up to the election.I actually felt optimistic and sort of happy. It all came crashing down on election night of course and i cried hysterically and literally could not speak to anyone or do anything for 3 days i was so depressed. I am still depressed but am functioning. I am sure Dick Morris was feeling a little like that too especially where he put his career on the line.

    1. Everything rhcrest posted could have been posted by me, except for the part about crying. The willful ignorance, the optimism, the depression – all of it.

      I also agree that Morris is a decent guy, despite his adultery and whore mongering in the past. While I don’t prescribe to turning a blind eye to evil by self-righteously spouting Scripture about judging not without context, I still know that no man or woman is perfect and none of us would be trusted or trustful if it weren’t for second chances. A second chance is a gift; trust, on the other hand, must be earned. You wouldn’t have heard me call Dick Morris a decent guy the day after he was busted for soliciting a prostitute, or even the week or the year after. It’s now been decades, however, and, as far as I know, he’s kept his nose clean. He’s also put principle before party, and worked hard to defeat Obamacare and, later, to defeat Kenya Boy. That he made a few bucks selling books on those issues as he worked them doesn’t bother me at all. He wrote the books; people bought them. Why some people bring up the books as if it’s a bad thing, I don’t understand.

      I haven’t watched Fox News since the morning of Nov 7, 2012, and have no desire or intention to tune into the station again. If I did watch Fox, however, I would much hear from Dick Morris than from Karl Rove, whose contract with Fox has been renewed.

      By the way, as with Morris, Fox didn’t renew Sara Palin’s contract, either. I don’t know if this was Fox’s or Palin’s decision. Witnessing Fox’s veer leftward over the past few years, I suspect that it was Fox’s decision not to keep the conservative Palin on as contributor,

      1. “…none of us would be trusted or trustful if it weren’t for second chances.”

        Should read: “…none of us would be trusted or trusting if it weren’t for second chances.”

  4. Yes you were right Steve and i remember your posts. I was in denial-I was trying to preserve my sanity – what’s left of it anyway.

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