Fox News is trying to spin the sheep away from Perry?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Perry can’t beat Obama, Perry can’t get the independent voters and now Perry can’t debate. I am not for Perry, but I like him better than Romney, because he is not reading a script. I have stated many times the past month that Fox News and the Republican robots will start to target Perry hard, because they want to chip away at his lead in the polls over Romney. 

The Democrats badly want Romney vs. Obama, but publicly the leftard talking mouths will say they want Perry, because it will be easier. That is a lie. I feel the communists will steal the 2012 election via massive voter fraud anyway. I find it interesting that Republicans, Democrats and Libtard-arians are all against Perry and they attack him daily. What are they all so afraid of? 

The ‘independent Libtard-arians” talk a good conservative game, but they will vote for Obama as well. Why? Because many of them are anarchists and they want to shatter the capitalist system as well.


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