4 thoughts on “FOX News: Ohio poll worker, Obama supporter investigated for potentially voting six times in 2012”

  1. this is only the beginning for this usurper potus as time passes you will see a ton of these articles… why are the republicans doing nothing as usual????? wimpy bastards they are

    1. From what i understand,the GOP can’t file suit or do anything because of a lawsuit claiming voter intimidation,in 1986–they supposedly lost and lost the right to challenge future voter fraud charges.

  2. “this is only the beginning for this usurper potus”

    The Tammany-era starting in the 1820’s, in New York City was famous for voting problems. Tammany Hall’s ruthless efficiency,especially during the zenith of its power in the second half of the nineteenth century. is legendary. This is not a new problem, just a continuation, in many parts of the country and has been a problem for years.

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