Free Republic Admin Altered Lt Col Lakin Post on Purpose

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

The website Free Republic is obviously filled with Anti-Birther Beck puppets, because they immediately attacked me within minutes of posting about Operation Tea Party Hijack on their website. Operation Tea Party Hijack is the plan to help force the national Tea Party Leadership to end the silence on the Obama Eligibility issue and the U.S. Army’s persecution of Lt Col Lakin. Good luck trying to find any major Tea Party website that supports Lt Col Lakin. You will not find one, because most of them are libertarian robots that ramble on about the U.S. Constitution as they ignore the greatest violation against it, the Obama Eligibility issue.

The difference is that Lt Col Lakin took an oath to swear to defend the U.S. Constitution, but many of these Tea Party leaders have not. Many of these idiots that attacked me on Free Republic are most likely Glenn Beck and Ron Paul puppets that are programmed to attack anyone that dares to “question Obama’s eligibility with boldness”. So, basically they agree with letting a patriot like Lt Col Lakin be silently thrown into prison and letting him rot.

Then, after I bashed the cry babies back, they whined to the admin of Free republic and of course he has to act like a tough guy and threaten me. So, basically I told him to take a walk and he banned me. I do not care about being banned, BUT the issue is that this Admin “altered” the Lt Col Lakin post.

He changed it to “Message to Tea Party Leaders: Defend Lt Col Lakin or Be Ready for Operation ZOT!” I guess “Zot” is a term that these little girls on that site say when someone gets banned. Boo hoo hoo.

I am not surprised that the Admin did it, because it proves the disrespect in the Tea Party for Lt Col Lakin and the Obama Eligibility issue. I am calling for all people that support Lt Col Lakin to BOYCOTT Free Republic for their disrespect for Lt Col Lakin. I even e-mailed the admin and said ” I am just posting this to help Lt Col Lakin and these morons on your website attacked me”.

They are closet left wingers, no doubt…because their stupidity is protecting Obama and they are rubbing salt in the wounds of Lt Col Lakin. I guess they support the news blackout around the Lt Col Lakin trial?

I repeat – BOYCOTT FREE REPUBLIC…DO not DONATE to their website, because they showed NO RESPECT to a patriot like Lt Col Lakin. Like I said, this not about me. I do not give a damn about being banned from their site, but the fact that they tampered with the headline of the Lakin post shows that do not give a damn if this man rots in prison.  

Here are some comments from the leftards on Free Republic about Lt Col Lakin.

Isn’t he the guy who threw away his career because he wanted to make a
point? He’s obviously guilty of the charges, and needs to accept the
consequences of his acts.

Lakin isn’t a “great American hero.”

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Message to Tea Party Leaders: Defend Lt Col Lakin or Prepare for Operation Tea Party Hijack


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