From Benghazi to Boston…Russia Knew First

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

From Benghazi to Boston; Russia had prior knowledge and the truth will come out one day. Remember that The Conservative Monster was the first to say it.

The sheep think it’s a coincidence that Russia had a spat with Hillary before Benghazi and that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was trained in Russia.

I still love ya anyway 🙂

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6 thoughts on “From Benghazi to Boston…Russia Knew First”

  1. This should be going viral, but the Fox News puppets don’t believe anything unless it has their stamp of approval or the approval of Glenn Fraud.

  2. And the Russians know that Barry is a fraud. It has been all over their TV. Orly Taitz has been on TV there and presented every piece of evidence that our “Free Press” will not allow to be shown on our news programs.

    1. Yes Fran, and the Russians hope that it sparks a civil war.

      In 2008, ‘the Establishment’ chose Obama over long time Leftist Hillary Clinton. There was widespread voter fraud and threats made to Hillary organizers. This is documented. The Establishment wanted Hillary to leave under a cloud of failure and they succeeded. #Benghazi

        1. The Joint Chiefs are on board with the world communist movement, because they want to prevent a nuclear war. That is my analysis and I have been watching this since 1978. That is before Fox News was even on the air.

          1. Obama and Hillary Clinton obviously gave the talking points to Susan Rice judging by the cover-up. They’re not going to put anything on paper and they keep lying. So, we might as well just say it.

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