General Dempsey Calls Out Pastor Jones Instead of Muslim Terrorists

Steve Cooper

The C Monster@cnin

Gen. Dempsey had the nerve to call a Pastor Jones to censor him? General, stop the LIBERAL BS & kill the Muslim terrorists or RETIRE. #tcot

12 thoughts on “General Dempsey Calls Out Pastor Jones Instead of Muslim Terrorists

  1. The Lamb of God will remain quiet as blame and denigration are heaped upon him. We all know that for sure now don’t we? Dr. Terry Jones needs to get himself a good biographer and also, a proponant for him now. I DON’T LIKE IT WHEN Fox news becomes the MSM by NOT saying the name of the Rev. Sounds to me like they’re asking for it …….. if you know what I mean. So ignorant they are to belittle a man who’s never caused any harm to anyone. If I was Romney, I’d come to his defense. Boy, that’d sure get him the evangelicals.

  2. Hey General Dempsey, how about doing YOUR job and protect us from the domestic enemy in the whitehouse as you took an oath to do!!!!! Coward!!

    1. Ambassador Stevens was killed by his own liberal beliefs that he can embrace radical Muslims. #tcot — The C Monster (@cnin)

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      General Patton is rolling over in his grave that General Dempsey called a pastor in Florida, because he is afraid of the Muslims. #tcot

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