General Dempsey: US Troops Must be Armed at All Times

Steve Cooper

General Dempsey has ordered that soldiers are to be armed at all times, because of the incident last week when Two Green Berets were killed by an Afghan soldier after giving that soldier a gun as a gift. It disgusts me that the US Military has been reduced to training security guards that will become future Islamic terrorists.

2 thoughts on “General Dempsey: US Troops Must be Armed at All Times”

  1. Steve funny i asked you why are they ordering this only cause my son wrote to me and told me this news, and i didn’t know it. Thank god i read this site religiously I got my answer, and we all know it has more to do than with just that..they know something is coming.
    Thank you and bless this website

    1. Thanks Liza, the real question is “Why were the soldiers that were killed in Afghanistan UNARMED in the first place?”. Muslims can’t be trusted…it is that simple.

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