Glenn Beck Claims the Final Push for Communism is Here

Glenn Beck Claims the Final Push for Communism is Here

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

I finally agree with Glenn Beck, because I have been saying for a while that the final assault against freedom is near. The Marxists are about to thrust a knife into the back of Capitalism for the last time. This is Lenin’s dream, but notice in Beck’s article he says it is the “Dream of the Progressives”. Once again avoiding the International conspiracy between the Democrats, Russia, China and the Muslim terrorists.

This is about World Communism and it is a Global Conspiracy. The Communist Democrat Party is just one of the spokes on the wheel. I have been saying for a while that Glenn Beck is wasting
YOUR time by talking about Soros, the ‘Progressives, Thomas Jefferson
and Samuel Adams on his blackboard all day long.

‘Progressives’ love that Beck brainwashed his audience into calling them
Progressives rather than Communists, Marxists or Fascists. Who
was leaking all of this info about Soros to Beck? Is this info being
leaked on purpose, because ‘the left’ want to use Beck to incite his
audience, make them feel hopeless and paranoid.

I said many times that Beck needs to focus on Communism rather than Progressivism, but he is too late. Why? He already has lost his influence and audience.  

I can’t talk about Beck without getting into the Birther issue and how Beck undermined it to HELP OBAMA.


Why did Beck viciously target the Birthers? That was our chance to corner these Communist bastards, but Beck told his brainwashed audience to focus on Obama care instead. Boy, that worked well didn’t it? 

The Birther movement was a grave threat to Obama and it had to be silenced. Still, the Birther movement thrives on the Internet til this day, but it has been severely wounded. The Birther movement was an “offensive” movement and it was on a roll until Beck and Fox News derailed it. Many Tea Party leaders would not touch it, because Beck did not give it his blessing.   

Beck would have embraced the Birther movement if he was such an expert in counter propaganda. I believe that  Glenn Beck lost the Birther wars, because it exposed him as a fraud to his fans. I was one of them. Beck lost a huge chunk of his audience when he went on the offensive against his own audience by using Alinsky tactics.

Many Beck-bots claim that Beck was afraid of the Birther issue, because he was threatened. That is BS, because Beck would have avoided the entire birther movement rather than choosing to be the leader of the Anti-birther movement as left wing bloggers cheered Beck on.

I do believe that now we are past the point of the Birther movement gaining any traction, because the conspiracy is so deep. There are too many people involved with this cover up. Both political parties, the Supreme Court, the entire media and the Joint Chiefs. It is checkmate, because the DOJ is not going to do a damn thing either.   

“The progressives, I believe, have realized their dream. They have taken those baby steps,” Glenn said. “It is time to stop studying progressives.”

Instead, Glenn said it was now time to pay much more attention to the tactics of communists and communism.

“That is going to be the new angle on this program.”

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