Global Warming Melting Coal Union Jobs?

Global Warming Melting Coal Union Jobs?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

First, I want to say that I was union my whole life and I do support unions, but only to a certain point. Many of these middle class, hard working union people are being used by the Democrats to further a radical agenda. The Democrats will pull the rug out from them when the time is right.

The Coal Workers union is the first casualty according to their President. Global Warming is needed to further this radical Marxist agenda. How? By controlling and taxing Capitalism as much as possible. By enslaving people with ridiculous taxes and rules created by environmental Marxists.

After all, you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. Well, these Coal Union workers are the eggs. So, they have to take one for the team now. There is your CHANGE. The other unions better get ready, because they will be screwed down the road as well.

Do you really believe that Michael Moore and Alec Baldwin want to share their wealth with you? NO, they want to share YOUR WEALTH….

What jobs will the illegal aliens be given once they get AMNESTY? Well, everyone is EQUAL under Communism. Correct? So, that means your union job that paid you $35 per hour won’t be able to sustain that high pay any longer since the work force will be flooded with 25 million more workers. The wages will have to drop eventually, because it will collapse the system. Then, the new wages will be about $10-15 per hour (give or take). After all, it would be racist for Americans to get a higher wage than the new American citizens after Amnesty is given to them. 

The real goal here is CHEAPER LABOR.

The Marxist Journalists love to rave about China and how they should be the model for American industry. So, basically they are applauding slave labor and communism. The children of these elitists will not be working for slave wages.

YOUR CHILDREN WILL be working for those slave wages….

Will the Democrats Betray the Unions?

The unions plan on training 100,000 occupy Protesters? Is this like how Iran trains Hezbollah?


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