10 thoughts on “Gun Control Props”

  1. Where I live there anti-gun marches almost every week. All they want is the shooting and killing of little kids (something that happens 2 or 3 times every week). The people are holding up pictures of their dead kids and chanting things like ‘I want my baby back’.

  2. My neighbors are not fans of BO. But they all agree that they want all the shooting and killing to stop. It is not safe to walk on the street at night. They want to live and they want their kids to live.

    1. Your neighbors are uneducated in history and they are a perfect example of the real problem with the country. The American people are too dumbed down to know the danger that they are in and they get what they deserve. The Executive Orders changed nothing…

    2. All decent people want the shooting and killing to stop but only foolish people think that more gun control legislation will accomplish that.

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