Hannity: The allure of Socialism has taken hold

Steve Cooper

I warned everyone that the future of the country is in danger regardless who won on Nov. 6th, 2012, because the youth have been brainwashed to accept Socialism.

Hannity is 100% correct…



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2 thoughts on “Hannity: The allure of Socialism has taken hold”

  1. I realize this is splitting hairs – but I don’t think today’s youth have “accepted Socialism”. They don’t even know what Socialism is. They have simply accepted “free shit”. They have been told the gubmint will give them everything that want. Like Rush said yesterday, “they’ve voted for Santa Claus.” They do not understand that there is no free lunch. They don’t understand “strings attached”. They don’t understand that Santa Clause has a giant barbed cock that he is about to shove up their asses. But they will…

    1. They know what it is, because they cheered when that idiot Jon Stewart mentioned socialism during his debate at a University with the other idiot, Bill O’ Leilly.

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