Has Obama Deceived the Whole World?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

“So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil
and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and
his angels were cast out with him” (Revelation 12:9).

I find it interesting that this “so called” birth certificate has been hidden for so long and the media does not even question it’s validity or to have it examined by experts. Obama spent millions to hide this document from the public and this is the best he could do? The average idiot has their head in the sand and they just do not care that an imposter and fraud is in the White House. A FOREIGN USURPER that has allegiance to Kenya, Indonesia, Muslims, radical leftists, Black Liberation radicals and so on.  

MANY Photoshop experts have contacted me stating that the believe this birth certificate is a FAKE and it could easily be made by an amateur graphics artist. That idiot Glenn Beck is also reading the Soros script as well with this birth certificate issue. Do the words “controlled opposition” ring a bell? Most people see right through Beck’s act now and the majority of conservatives with half a brain know that Beck is protecting Obama on the eligibility issue.

This birth certificate was released on a Wednesday. The same day that a major shuffle at the Pentagon and CIA was announced and just two days before the Royal wedding. So, this is just more smoke and mirrors to allow the media to cover other stories to make sure this one goes away. Why are they so eager to bum rush this birth certificate down our throats, run away and then change the subject?

Maybe this was brought up, because he does not want us to bring up the fact that his SS# is from Connecticut and he never lived there. Explain that one. Okay, I am just some right wing radical. Fine I admit it, but answer the question Mr. Obama. WHY is your SS# from Connecticut if you NEVER LIVED THERE?

The next move that Donald Trump (if he is for real) needs to make is to file a suit with the Supreme Court for them DEFINE once and for all the term NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. The founding fathers required that ONLY the President be a natural born citizen to prevent a FOREIGN USURPER with ALLEGIANCE to FOREIGN NATIONS from taking over or infiltrating the White House. I think they are too late.

I was almost ready to give up on this issue many times, because the media is in the tank. Fox News and that bastard Glenn Beck also. Many people ask me if I think Beck was threatened to not talk about this issue and the answer is NO. I can tell this, because Beck enjoys attacking the “birthers” just a little too much for my liking. I consider Glenn Beck my enemy and i despise him as much as Soros and Obama.   

Obviously, this was also done to undermine the movement by 10 states to require a birth certificate to get on the ballot. That is why the next push has to be to get the term NATURAL BORN CITIZEN cleared up once and for all.

Obama even admitted that he was a Kenyan citizen until the age of 21
on his website Fight the Smears. Does this sound like a natural born citizen to you? Dual citizenship and foreign allegiance is NOT someone that is a NATURAL CITIZEN.

Again, look up the definition of natural and what does it mean? Original. Original means AUTHENTIC and that would mean someone that is JUST AMERICAN and nothing else. No mixed breeds allowed. If Obama was born in Hawaii and his father was Malcolm X (like some rumors stated) than he would be in the clear and considered a Natural Born Citizen.

I also suspect that this obvious fake birth certificate was released to INCITE unrest among the patriotic Americans that are furious the White House has been taken hostage by a Foreign Usurper. The LEFT would love for this to spark civil unrest and a civil war so martial law could be declared. They would LOVE IT.  

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