Heart Cry: The Film That Will Change Your Life. Why Iran Must Not be Allowed Nuclear Weapons…

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

This 30 minute film is brilliantly done and it is must see …please spread it. Take the time to watch the entire video please…

This is a film, not some You Tube video folks. It is about a Christian leader named Jan-Villem van-der-Hoeven’s struggle to inform the world about the dangers facing Israel, the USA and mankind if Iran is allowed to get nuclear weapons.

There is one clip of a reporter asking Iranian President Ahmadinejad at a UN Press conference if “he is seeking the destruction of Israel”. Ahmadinejad just laughed in his face and said “Next question”. This man is pure evil and the nation of Iran needs to be destroyed and remember that they are a proxy of the Russians and China.

The Iranian Islamic thugs are being used as a tool of the International Marxists to destroy Israel, capitalism, freedom and the USA. The destruction of capitalism is the #1 goal of the International and American Left and that is why they are enablers of terrorism and they are just as guilty.

Thank you to Terry for sending me this ….

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