High gas prices? Blame ‘Warmer’ Al Gore and the Environ-MENTAL groups

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com


Preventing the USA from drilling for oil is being used as a tool to
redistribute wealth to Russia, Venezuela and the Muslim countries. This
is seen as a way to ‘balance the global economy’, but you will never
hear any analyst say this on cable TV news. – Steve Cooper 


George Bush and the ‘Drill Baby Drill Crowd” were constantly attacked by ‘Warmers’ like Al Gore and the many communist front groups that claim to be ‘Environ-MENTAL’ groups. Al Gore had the ‘Warmers’ in the media on his side to help push his propaganda, but the ‘Climate Gate” scandal helped put the brakes on that BIG LIE. The environmental groups filed lawsuits to combat any new oil drilling projects, because they claimed it was harmful for the environment. They had other agendas obviously and it was not helping the ‘environment’.

These lawsuits stalled for time so Russia could surpass Saudi Arabia to become the #1 oil exporter in the world. Again, this is just more proof that the communists in the USA have allegiance to Moscow so they could be the leader in oil exporting and have more control over Europe and the world. Russia has used their oil and gas exporting as a weapon many times against the Europeans.

The communist teachers and professors that help brainwash children that ‘Global Warming’ is real also need to be blamed. They are poisoning minds and again, thankfully the Climate Gate scandal helped put he brakes on them spreading their lies.


The BP Gulf oil explosion happened at a time when the American people were screaming for Obama to “Drill Baby Drill”. That explosion was used to silence the “Drill Baby Drill” crowd and to stop the USA from drilling for oil, but Russia and China were allowed to drill off of the coast of Cuba. The oil spill was ALLOWED to spread as much as possible so people could see the damage that Drill Baby Drill can cause. That was sabotage and terrorism, but that evidence will never see the light of day ever.


So, not only did George Bush have to fight Al Qaeda, but he also had to fight Russia, Iran, the Democrats, the leftist media and these communist environmental front groups as well.  Take a look at this list again:


Russia, Iran, the Democrats, the leftist media, leftist professors and the communist ‘environ-MENTAL groups. This is just a short list of our enemies, because I have many more that I could add.  


I suspect that the Global Warmer agenda is going to make a come back very soon to combat the outcry to drill for oil to lower the price. Global warming is also a great way to control people, energy and food via massive inflation and global warming taxes. I wrote an editorial called “Environmental Fascism” back in 2005 and I will try to dig it up.

Anyone pushing the Global Warming agenda needs to be labeled as  “WARMERS”. Conservatives are LOSING the propaganda war, because they lack the guts to use Alinsky tactics right back at the enemy. 




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