Hillary Clinton FLASHBACK: Saddam aided Al Qaeda terrorists (2002)

Conservative News Update:

What difference does it make?

The Democrats voted for the Iraq War and then they undermined US Troops after their boots hit the ground. Leftists use Hillary’s Iraq War vote as a reason to hate her, but there are many other reasons as well. She just isn’t radical enough for these extremists that would rather have an Obama Dictatorship.

Also, check out the new Hillary “Benghazi” Clinton Facebook Page

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      1. Tickintimeobama is my new twitter handle, changed from the non relevant ‘oceanscalling’. Named only for the coastline I moved to 8 years ago. NOW I can’t find my newly named acct. So pissed. However, I am now using CaConservative4

      2. Shrillary… Killary… Hildebeast…
        but in formal situations I’ll behave myself with Hillary ROTTEN Clinton

    1. Mayber if she wore one of those rubber doll suits that are all the rage in Britain, I’d believe she was a woman…
      FGS, she taught her husband how to be a man!

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