Hillary Clinton flew over one million miles, but she can’t hide from Benghazi

Hillary Clinton – “What difference does it make”?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

The the past few years we all knew that Hillary Clinton was trying to distance herself from Obama’s economic sabotage, because that didn’t fall into her job description anyway. I always tried to keep one eye on Hillary, but there was really nothing to report about.

Wikileaks also did happen on her watch since State Dept cables were leaked that put countless informants into danger.

The Leftist media would brag about how Hillary has logged in over one million miles flying around the world. Is the world any safer than it was under Bush? With the exception of Obama surrendering Iraq to Iran…NO.

Hillary Clinton clearly left weak security in a hot spot like Libya on the anniversary of 9/11 and she has so far skated from any blame. Many Conservatives have such blind hatred for Obama that they can’t see this is really Hillary’s fault.

The cover up? Now that is a different story. That has to be investigated, but many do say that the Obama Administration has been preventing the truth from coming out…or are they?

I have a feeling that Obama does condone the Benghazi hearings to further hammer away at Hillary Clinton. Even one of the mothers of the Benghazi victims came out to blame Hillary Clinton as per the Drudge Report.

Hillary Clinton is not as loved as people think she is…don’t listen to the polls. Of course, Benghazi was an attack on America, but also I suspect is was an attack against Hillary as well. Someone wanted to smack her and they killed one of her Ambassadors.

I believe that this was personal, because someone wanted to try to derail her 2016 campaign by tainting her with Ambassador Stevens blood as well as the blood of other heroes that tried to save him. Will it be enough? We shall see…

In 2008, ‘the Establishment’ chose Obama over long time Leftist Hillary Clinton. There was widespread voter fraud and threats made to Hillary organizers. This is documented. The Establishment wanted Hillary to leave the office of Sec of State under a cloud of failure and they succeeded. #Benghazi

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      1. “What difference does it make”? Hillary Clinton is about to find out. #Benghazi

        I bet the Russian FSB knew that Amb Stevens was on his way to #Benghazi. They seem to know EVERYTHING. #Boston

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