How to Save the Economy

How to Save the Economy

Steve Cooper

First off, I am not an economic expert, but I am an expert on spotting corruption and a conspiracy. The so called experts got us in this mess, because it is part of a grand plan to sabotage Capitalism and freedom. JOBS is what the USA needs, not food stamps and more Government dependence.  

How to save the economy?


LOWER TAXES – Corporations are leaving the USA, because of crushing taxes and unions forcing them to pay higher wages. This is costing us JOBS. Many of the corporations hire people and that puts food on the table.

END NON PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS (except religious institutions) – Super wealthy people (Republicans and Democrats) are protecting their money by using non profit organizations. Many of these non profit organizations are scams that don’t help anyone. Sure, there are many that do good work, but they are also most likely abusing the system to avoid paying taxes.

Neither Republicans or Democrats will dare bring up the Non Profit Organization scam, because many of the rich people that donate to their campaigns are laundering their money via these Not for Profit Organizations. Media Matters, ACORN, Move on are just a few that need to lose their Not for Profit status. I suspect that this is another topic that the Tea Party leaders are banned from talking about when they are on Cable News.

DISMANTLE MASSIVE GOVERNMENT AGENCIES – The EPA, FCC & FDA are just a few to get the ball rolling.

DRILL FOR OIL – Open up oil drilling and guard the platforms with the U.S. Military, because that BP Oil explosion was no accident. I don’t believe it for one second. Make the USA the #1 oil exporter in the world rather than the Russians.

Communist, environmental groups are doing the dirty work for our enemies abroad by filing lawsuits to prevent American oil drilling. Permits are being denied and STALLED, because the powers that be want America weaker so our enemies can be stronger. The oil companies are not the villains, because they keep THOUSANDS of people employed all around the country. 

GAS EXPLORATION – Again, the Communist environmental groups are preventing gas exploration. Back door communism will be installed via massive energy prices that will cause stifling inflation of food prices.

BANKS – The Government has to stop forcing banks to give out loans to unqualified people based on their race. That is what created the mortgage crisis. Bank managers were intimidated by thugs acting on behalf of ‘connected’ politicians to give out risky loans or face discrimination lawsuits. ACORN organizers were accused of this in Chicago.

LOCK DOWN ON THE MEXICAN BORDER – Leftists will say that this is racists and that these poor immigrants are just looking for ‘opportunity’. Meanwhile, many of these same people are hiring these immigrants and exploiting them for cheap labor. Many different races and cultures from around the world are sneaking across the Mexican border, but the left wing talking heads never mention that. They just shout race to back people off of the immigration issue, because illegal aliens are being used as a battering ram to smash the middle class by taking away construction jobs from AMERICANS.

These illegal aliens are not paying taxes, they are draining resources and this has to stop. The illegal alien invasion is crushing the California economy that has reached $16 billion. Californians are unemployed as the Elite are exploiting the illegal aliens for cheap labor to mow their massive Malibu lawns.

Many Leftists rave about China’s economy, but they never mention the slave labor that makes all of their products. The Elite want your children to be those slaves in America and they want the middle class smashed.   

Muslim terrorists are also sneaking across that border posing as Latin Americans. That needs to stop.   

Ron Paul seems upset that the USA is manipulating it’s currency, but he never brings up the fact that this is being done so the USA can compete with other countries that are manipulating theirs.

I wrote all of this in under 30 minutes. Trust me, the economy could be easily fixed, but the REAL problem is that it is being purposely sabotaged by Communists, because of an agenda to make our enemies stronger. Corruption is also a major problem.

We can’t defeat them if we are afraid to call them what they are – Communists 


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