I’m no Marxist, Pope Francis tells conservative critics

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Conservative News Update:

VATICAN CITY, – Pope Francis, responding to conservative criticisms that his economic and social ideas smack of communism, said in an Italian newspaper interview on Sunday that he is not a Marxist but that even Marxists can be good people.

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4 thoughts on “I’m no Marxist, Pope Francis tells conservative critics”

  1. The pope, as he should do, puts his Christian values before politics. However he is perceived through the narrow lens of the MSM viewing sheep, I believe his papacy will bring Christianity back into the home of many families where it had previously been lacking.
    I sure do love what he said about the rumour he was going to appoint a woman Cardinal. He said that women in the church should be VALUED not clericalized. Great word, huh?
    I wish that that was the overriding sentiment during the feminist movement. Rather than turning into men, women would have been more well served if their roles were more valued than trashed by the filth that crawled out of the sewer during the 60s.

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