Impeach Governer of New York, Andrew Cuomo

Steve Cooper

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3 thoughts on “Impeach Governer of New York, Andrew Cuomo”

  1. I hope that communist s.o.b. doesn’t get too comfortable in that governors chair because me & my contemporaries intend to boot his ass right out of it! This law does nothing but make criminals of law abiding citizens. Crime control idiots!crime control!Gun free zones are prime targets for criminals,they prey on the weak & defenseless.

    You can’t get a gun in a courtroom, the court officers are armed to neutralized the can’t even get a gun in a prison,again armed officers.You mean to tell me our children don’t deserve the same protection as convicted scumbag criminals!Has everyone in Albany & Washington lost their effin’ minds!

    This is a no brainer! Protect our children & schools with qualified armed people,forget meaningless draconian gun laws & vote out these chicken brained idiots like our governor & president [ or impeach them ] and we will be on our way to getting back to good & decent living.

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