Iran threatens counter measure to Senate’s new sanctions

Conservative News Update:

New, tougher sanctions against Iran? Don’t worry, their pal Rand Paul will defend them just like his dear ole daddy.

From the LA Times:

TEHRAN – Iranian lawmakers Friday threatened retaliation for a Senate bill that proposes tough new sanctions on Iran if the Islamic Republic fails to cooperate in upcoming negotiations aimed at curbing its nuclear program.


3 thoughts on “Iran threatens counter measure to Senate’s new sanctions”

  1. Progress towards a nuclear deal should by no means lessen international attention to the human rights violations that have reached crisis levels in Iran since the disputed 2009 election and which continue to this day despite the election of Hassan Rouhani. For nearly a decade, the nuclear issue has eclipsed the struggle for human rights inside Iran on the international stage. As Iran’s foreign policy makers move towards rapprochement with the West after 34 years of estrangement, Iranians are worried that their basic rights, instead of being elevated to the importance it deserves, will be sacrificed in these negotiations. They fear that repression in Iran could even intensify if the regime concludes that once a nuclear deal with the international community is reached, there will be little international pressure to improve the country’s human rights record.

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