Iranian Protesters (Terrorists) Storm British Embassy

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

The left wing media has fed lies to the American Idiots for the past 2 years that the ‘oppressed’ Iranian people are “your friend”. Nothing can be further from the truth, because the anti-West and Anti_Israel rallies attract hundreds of thousands fanatical, blood thirsty Iranians at a time.

The media just wants you to feel helpless in this war against terrorism so you all surrender, but we are far from helpless. Blast that Iranian earthquake fault with some HAARP waves and that will settle them down. The left wing media puppets know that using Muslim terrorists to weaken the West financially via wars that we are not allowed to win; due to Political Correctness is part of the Marxist plan to defeat Capitalism. This is where the Ron Paul loons show their true Soviet colors.

Remember that Iran is also a Russian and Chinese ‘terror’ proxy.

Listen to me and not the paid frauds in the media that are READING A SCRIPT. I don’t read a Corporate Puppet News script…I write it all by MYSELF.

Okay, lesson is over…go back to sleep ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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