Iran’s Ayatollahs Blame Morsi’s ‘Pro-Israeli, Pro-U.S.’ Stance For Egypt Crisis

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ONCE AGAIN, I am ahead of the news….


Egyptian Muslims hated Morsi, because he was associated with the US. They are brainwashed to side with Moscow…sort of like Edward Snowden. — Conservative Monster (@cnin) July 4, 2013


Muslims wanted Morsi out, because he wasn’t radical enough. Let that sink through your head. #Egypt — Conservative Monster (@cnin) July 3, 2013



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July 5 at 6:51am · 

  • I believe the Egyptian Military took out Morsi, because of his close ties with the US. This was a Communist and Muslim coup sponsored by Russia, Syria and Iran.



Iran’s Ayatollahs Blame Morsi’s ‘Pro-Israeli, Pro-U.S.’ Stance For Egypt Crisis? I made this same comment numerous times WORD FOR WORD as soon as the coup erupted (Also, see Tweets above.) Iran has to side with the Muzzies, but they supported this coup.
Orchestrated Protests Creating Global Chaos?

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