Is it time for All Arabs and Practicing Muslims to be Registered with the TSA?

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Is it time for All Arabs and Practicing Muslims to be Registered with the TSA?  Is this cruel? No, it is not, but the left wingers that want to turn the USA into a police state will say it is. The LEFT do not want to have any one group singled out, because they want all citizens to be locked down. This is how these fascists think.

Resources are being wasted by targeting people that are not Muslims or Arabs in the airports. Lets face it, the majority of terrorists are Arab Muslims and not little old white ladies. It is time to profile, because the focus has to be on the threat. We may not be at war with Islam, BUT they are at war with us.

The LEFT will then say that this will offend Muslims and it will cause more Muslims to want to kill Americans. Well, fine then we need to kill them first maybe? I am not talking about genocide, I am talking about known radicals need to be targeted for assassination whether they are U.S. Citizens or not. Many Libertarians will be outraged by this and the reason is, because their loyalty is not with this country either.    

I also think that we should consider adding Religion to passports. This way, Muslims can be identified much easier. Some will call this Islamophobia or McCarthyism and that is fine, but I see these loud mouth liberals as enablers of terrorism and a danger to this nation.

Why should all citizens be treated as criminals or terrorists just because they are entering an airport? Islam has enslaved many millions of Muslims around the world. They torture and execute women and gays, so do not tell me that Islam is a religion of peace, because that is more PC bullshit. The American LEFT are in bed with the Muslim terrorists, because they are allies in this war against capitalism.

I also suspect that Obama and the LEFT have an agenda to take over the airline industry, but they first have to undermine it via alienating their customers. Then, once the bailout is offered to the airlines, the government takeover of the airline industry begins. This is a great way to create government jobs and that is exactly what Obama wants to do right now. I can see it now, Obama Airlines. Cripple an industry, bail it out and then take it over. This is the PERFECT CRIME.

Back to the TSA – I suspect that the Muslims (led by CAIR) will try to pull off a stunt in the airports soon so they can file a lawsuit that will prevent Muslim women from being patted down in the airports. They will claim that this is violating their religious beliefs that a Muslim woman is not supposed to be touched by anyone, so they can once again get special treatment.

Police officers do not even have the powers to search that these TSA Agents have and that is why this is so dangerous. A police officer can not just walk up to someone and start frisking them unless they have “reasonable suspicion” that the person is about to commit a crime or is carrying a weapon.

The NYS Attorney General has hounded the NYPD for many years about frisking for weapons and guns on the streets of NYC. Frisk reports and files were turned upside down, because the LEFT claimed that the NYPD were violating people’s rights. This attack on the police weakened their ability to remove guns off of the streets, but yet they are silent about the TSA frisks? Something smells here…

Just imagine if George Bush were president right now? The LEFT would be going batty, just like they did when they shouted about torture, wire tapping and so on, but no…they are silent now. Why? Because there is a communist in the White House, that is why. If John McCain won the election, the left wing termites would not be silent right now about these TSA frisks/pat downs. 

Shopping malls will be next…WATCH

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