Is ‘The LEFT’ Trying to Get Sarah Palin Killed?

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

I started writing this piece the other day, but I was unable to finish since I was busy with other news. Soon after the Az shooting the LEFT wing media and their Internet plants went after Palin full force trying to blame her for the actions of a radical left wing loon. Okay…sure.

Since then, it has calmed down a bit, but that is only because the alleged shooter is a radical left wing fanatic that hated Bush and was a 9/11 truther. This is more proof to my argument that the Truther movement is made up of communist vermin and they are mostly Ron Paul worshipers as well. They shout that they are conservatives, but that is a lie…they are 100% leftist.

The attacks on Palin and her family are bad enough, but someone brought this up to me the other night and I believe that they are onto something (the kill Palin plan by the left). Most of these radical terrorists are LEFT WINGERS, so do not buy the BIG LIE. I believe that the left are using their surrogates in the media and on the Internet to rile up a crazy left wingers to try to hurt or even kill this poor woman. I put nothing past these ruthless, communist thugs. Their agenda comes before anything that they would abort their own baby to bring about this Marxist Utopia.

Civil discourse? Where was the civil discourse when the left wing vermin was brutalizing George Bush. do not tell me that Bush and Obama are the same, because that is a lie. If they were the same the treatment from the media and the leftards would be very different.

In all of my years researching the left wing vermin in this country, I have never seen them attack anyone more brutally then Sarah Palin. That is why I support and defend her, even though I do not agree with her all of the time.  

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