Is This The New Face of the Democrat Party?

Steve Cooper

The C Monster@cnin

Most Democrats support the War against Religion, but they will never publicly admit it. They showed their true colors at the DNC Con. #tcot

You can see the evil in his eyes. This man would cheer as Christians and Jews are executed. This is the face of a SOCIALIST.

Socialists have united globally….

VIDEO – Communists, Atheists and Arabs Boo When God and Jerusalem Are Added to the DNC Convention Platform

David Axelrod Refuses to Talk God…on Video

8 thoughts on “Is This The New Face of the Democrat Party?”

  1. It should be pointed out that these people appear to be against all forms of religon. While they do have low opinions of the religous practices of both Christans and Jews, they also feel that the “time has come to abandon Islam”. For more details you can see the following websites:


    where they also “advocate against the widespread acceptance of the teachings of Muhammad as written in the Koran”.

    On a positive note, the group states that it wants “to create a clearing for world peace by eliminating religious conflict–a major contributor to wars”. They also have lots of t-shirts, hats, bags, etc. like the “trash Jesus” t-shirt shown above, a well as t-shirts trashing the Star of David and crescent of Islam. They appear to be equal trashers of all religion.

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