Japan Dispute with Russia: Was Japan’s earthquake no accident?

UPDATE – Japan has Earthquake one year after the BIG ONE. This post is from LAST YEAR.

Steve Cooper
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This article was originally written March 16th, 2011.

I have been too busy to write this article the past week, but here it is …..

I find it very interesting that this earthquake in Japan happened soon after Japan threatened to build up their military several months ago when N. Korea (a Russian and Chinese terrorist proxy) threatened to do nuclear tests as a threat to Japan, S. Korea and the region.

PLUS, Russia and Japan are currently having a dispute over the sovereignty of the Southern Kuril Islands in the Pacific.

Did Russia and China conspire to focus their electromagnetic Scalar weapons on the earthquake fault to cause this catastrophic earthquake? It is the perfect crime, because it is nearly impossible to detect or prove.

The USA has the same weapon and it is called HAARP. Just Google HAARP or Scalar Weapons for more, but expect for find more on HAARP than Scalar due to the communists flooding the Internet with disinformation.

HAARP and Scalar weapons has been used to manipulate the weather, move jet streams and it is also used to find oil and gas deep beneath the earth. If this machine is cranked up, it can cause a massive earthquake. Nikola Tesla was a scientist and he claimed that he could split the earth in half with the early model of these weapons. This is no conspiracy.

China and Russia have even bragged about manipulating the weather in the past with Scalar, but the USA never talks about this weapon. Using weather machines such as this is the future of warfare; it is here NOW. 

I find it very interesting that the left wing radicals on the Internet are always blaming the CIA and HAARP for every earthquake, but they never mention Scalar weapons or the fact that Russia and China have these weapons as well.

These articles are from Feb 2011, BEFORE the Japan Earthquake

Russia summons US Envoy over Japan Dispute

Russia, Japan ‘at worst point for decades’

China calls on Russia, Japan to handle territorial row properly

READ THIS – http://www.angelfire.com/oz/cv/scalarweapons.html

This video explains HAARP and there are many others. Also look up Tesla – Click here for the VIDEO

Video backs up my theory that Scalar weapons (HAARP) was behind the Japan earthquake

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