John McCain and the Media Using PC Thug Tactics Against Michele Bachmann?

Steve Cooper


First, here is an article from where they interview terrorism expert Walid Shoebat. Shoebot claims in the interview that Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin has family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.


The Dark Muslim Brotherhood World of Huma Abedin


John McCain was WRONG to attack Michele Bachmann’s allegation that a Hillary Clinton aide has family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Wolf Blitzer also attacked Bachmann yesterday. Notice, they all say that these allegations are ‘dangerous’, but they never prove that Huma Abedin family is NOT linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The media and RINO stooges like John McCain are trying to censor free speech and silence the truth with their PC thug tactics. Now do you understand how the USA has been flooded with Marxists and Muslim infiltrators?


Notice that this MSNBC page is called ‘Leanforward’? This is the office Obama page for MSNBC.


Leftists Accuse Bachmann and Sununu of McCarthyism