Judge: Obama eligible to be Georgia candidate

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

They all know Obama is NOT eligible, but you are witnessing what takes place under corrupt communist regimes. Injustice is the first sign of tyranny. Try to go to the Motor Vehicles Office without your proper ID and see what happens. You will be told to leave.

The fix is in for the birther issue and the NEXT ELECTION. Who will investigate the massive voter fraud that is about to take place? Romney will be silent just like John McLame was.

I knew the fix was in when the Joint Chiefs allowed an obvious Communist and domestic enemy with ties to terrorists like Bill Ayers to be sworn in on Jan. 2009. The Joint Chiefs allowed LTC Lakin to be thrown into prison for daring to seek answers in this obvious cover up. 

Russia and China have every secret that USA possesses. It is safe to say that Obama shared every secret with them the same way that Clinton and Gore did with China.  

You can thank your heroes Glenn Beck and Ron Paul, the great Constitutionalists for sweeping the Eligibility issue under the Libertarian rug. They aided Obama…..

I WAS RIGHT – http://www.ajc.com/news/georgia-politics-elections/judge-obama-eligible-to-1330300.html

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