Judge prevents release of James Holmes school records

Steve Cooper



This court order by the judge blocks the University of Colorado from releasing the school records of James Holmes (the suspected Colorado shooter) has been something that I have been calling for. This court order seems to only be against the University of Colorado and not against the University of California where Holmes was a student also.

The media and their paid shrinks seem fixated now on the Neuroscience program for some reason. I believe that this is a distraction from looking elsewhere in Holmes’s school records. There seems to be claims that a possible incident happened at the Univ. of Colorado that sparked Holmes to drop out of the school. Still, his entire academic history needs to be examined. Especially any essays that were written on Darwinism, Society or Karl Marx, but I have a feeling that will never be released.

I was the only journalist calling for the school records to be released and examined thoroughly as the script readers in the media would just call Holmes “deranged, lost, a loner and crazy”. Yesterday a former classmate stated that the media allegations that Holmes was a ‘loner’ are false, because he was not a loner.

I have a feeling that James Holmes’s school records will be hidden in a vault next to Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate.