Kids Are Throwing Out Michelle Obama’s Lunch Menu

Steve Cooper

Everything that conservatives warned about is materializing. Liberal fascists are to be blamed for this invasion of privacy and they need to be isolated from society. Don’t debate them or bother with them at all. They are going to force the next generation into slavery.

These are all just baby steps to take control of the food supply and then the Obammunists will really have you right where they want you. Your kids will be eating green grass as the Obama kids are eating steak, fish and chicken.

Obesity is just another manufactured crisis to take more rights away, but try telling that to Democrats that only care about whether two men can be married. Their minds and priorities are twisted.

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2 thoughts on “Kids Are Throwing Out Michelle Obama’s Lunch Menu”

  1. If it was up to me i would stick all the Obots all on the island of Mexifornia, tow it out to the ocean and watch it sink! Seriously though, it is eventually going to have to come to some sort of physical battle with these people. Communism and a Republican form of gov’t can’t coexist. It’s eventually going to have to be one or the other. Just like we couldn’t coexist with the British or the Nazis etc. Eventually it’s either you or your enemy.

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