Krauthammer on Obama Speech: “He Gave One of the Emptiest Speeches I’ve Ever Heard”

Steve Cooper

I gave the same analysis that Krauthammer gave on my Twitter page. I said that Biden’s speech was better than Obama’s and Krauthammer said the same thing in this interview.


3 thoughts on “Krauthammer on Obama Speech: “He Gave One of the Emptiest Speeches I’ve Ever Heard””

  1. Steve I can’t help but wonder what they know that we don’t. What I mean is that Obama and his inner circle don’t seem to be concerned with even trying to with this election, that is very disturbing. It was very clear that the DNC convention did not have a lot of thought put into it as far as organizing. Something doesn’t seem quite right to me, maybe they KNOW they are not going to lose power, just some food for thought, makes me wonder what they are up to.

    1. I agree 100% and that same thought crossed my mind. The Russians even confirmed on their government record that Romney was not going to win. The Republicans are afraid to even think about what would happen if they did beat Obama. Russia and China are pulling Al Qaeda’s strings via Iran. Al Qaeda can easily be re-mobilized if Romney does win.

      Romney said the Russians are the greatest Geopolitical threat for a reason, because he (and the Republicans) know that they are backing the global terrorist movement.

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