Left Wing Media Starting Obama 2012 Campaign Early

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

I am already noticing that the media is getting ready for the Obama 2012 brainwash marathon. Chris Matthews already had a banner on his show that mentioned the kick off of the 2012 campaign. Plus, I just found an article in Politics Daily (a left wing rag) that was comparing Obama to FDR and Reagan.

I am concerned about the moronic Independent Libertarians that voted for Obama in the first place. Yes, most of the Libertarians standing next to you in these Tea Party protests were Obama voters. How do I know this? By the propaganda that they spew. The Libertarian anti-war, isolationists saw John McCain as a Neo-con and a warmonger. There is no way that they voted for him…TRUST ME.

Keep an eye on these Libertarians, because they are not conservatives nor are they Republicans. Many of them are Russian loving Marxists that are to the LEFT of Obama, but they just hate paying taxes.

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