Left wing or Muslim violence? FBI Links 2 Military Shootings, Probes 3rd

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

Lets see…How did I come to the conclusion that this is possibly related to left wing or Muslim violence? Just study their radical behavior and that will give you the answer, because it is quite easy.

Muslims have declared jihad against the USA. This is no secret, just take a look at the Major Hasan Fort Hood shooting. The Pentagon and military bases are valid targets to Jihadists. There are many Muslim countries around the world that are funding and sponsoring terrorism, so do not even give me that Whoopi Goldberg left wing drama crap either.

Also, this could be an anti-war, Marxist loon. Possibly a 9/11 truther or Ron Paul loon, because they also fit the profile for an attack like this due to their anti war, anti-government radical views. They are also always screaming about torture and the war, but they try not to act anti-military like the Code Pink crowd.

The Pentagon was attacked by Muslims on 9/11 and also by the Marxist group The Weather Underground. Last year a 9/11 truther was involved in a shooting there as well.  

Tea party patriots are pro-military and that is why they are eliminated from my profile.

My final analysis is that this was a left winger and NOT a Muslim. A Muslim terrorist would like to have a DEAD BODY COUNT and this seems to be just vandalism.

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