Left Wing Websites Attacking The Conservative Monster?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster


THE ENEMY clearly knows how dangerous the truth is that is being told on The Conservative Monster. They are afraid that this site is growing more popular everyday.

Please help contribute, because I am taking on THE BEAST all alone and I don’t have the budget to do this by myself folks. The same people contribute all of the time and it is not fair that they hold the burden.

THE BEAST has unlimited funds and I have ONE LAP TOP and they are shaking in their boots. Media Matters.org is on this list of websites that I believe are harassing me.

I delete these cookies and they are coming RIGHT BACK IN…SCARY SHIT.

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PLEASE SHARE The Conservative Monster on your Facebook and Twitter pages. I see the same sites being shared and these site don’t speak the truth like I do. The other websites may be good, but they use the same PC talking points and that doesn’t scare the enemy. The Conservative Monster scares the enemy….

Yes, Drudge is the biggest and the best, but he is only posting links to the news. News that is biased and can’t be trusted. I interpret the lies of the media and that is something that Drudge doesn’t do.

I give accurate analysis that you will never hear in the media, FOX NEWS included. My analysis is scaring them and that is why they have their attack dogs trying to bite me..



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The Year in Hate & Extremism: The Southern Poverty Law Center has The Conservative Monster in their Crosshairs


UPDATE – MORE EVIDENCE*******************






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