Hurricane Sandy Chaos in Levittown, NY: Fist fights over coffee and long gas lines

Steve Cooper


I spoke with a friend that lives in Levittown, NY and he told me some stories that were just horrible.

  • He saw a fist fight over coffee at a local convenience store
  • Nobody has money, because the ATM’s are not working
  • He is using his mailbox as a refrigerator to keep his juice cold
  • He has to take a shower at the local gym and the hot water is gone by the time it is his turn
  • He is freezing, because there is no heat in his house
  • FEMA and the Red Cross is nowhere to be found
  • The gas lines go for 3-4 blocks long.

Where is Obama? He is eating steaks in Vegas. The media is giving Obama and FEMA a free pass, but it would be a different story if we were talking about GEORGE BUSH. I think Andrew Cuomo needs to get out to Long Island, but he is a no show so far.

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