Liberals Declare War on the NYPD

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster


The NY City Council has declared war on the NYPD, because they are trying to fix something that isn’t broken. The Council wants an Inspector General to supervise and micromanage the NYPD. I have been warning many times that the media was attacking Anthony Weiner to distract attention away from his radical opponent Christine Quinn.

The NYC Police union is warning NYPD cops not to do anything that can be interpreted as racial profiling, because the officer can be sued and eventually fired in some cases.

Liberals embrace chaos in society, because it will justify their call for a police state and gun confiscation. Christine Quinn will have NYPD bodyguards if she wins the Mayoral election, but the regular citizens will have to fend for themselves when police officers are afraid to frisk suspicious looking characters any longer.

The Leftist thugs in the Occupy Wall Street movement will embrace these new rules, because they have been itching to create more chaos in the streets of NY.

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