Libertarian Wishes for Russia to Liberate Him

Libertarian Wishes for Russia to Liberate Him

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

I read a comment on a news website by a Libertarian. I know that he is a Libertarian by the propaganda and idiocy that he spewed. He said “I hope the Russians are coming here to liberate us since we haven’t had the guts to do it ourselves since 9/11/01.” Someone tell this genius that the Russians will be executing him; rather than liberating him when they do invade with Chinese troops.

Now you know why I don’t entertain these idiot Libertarians. I BAN them instead, because they don’t have me fooled. They are little Soviet and Iranian brainwashed propagandists. 

The Tea Party is loaded with idiots like this and they have poisoned the movement. They are like the cancerous tumor, Ron Paul.


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