Libertarians Are the New Communists

Conservative News Update:

This is an interesting article, but I want to also add that many of the 60’s Communists aren’t much different from the radical Libertarians we see today when it comes to drugs and appeasing our sworn enemies that are hell bent on destroying the USA.

The big problem is that Fox News keeps pushing the lie that Rand Paul and his radical father are Conservatives The Iranians would be dancing in the streets if Rand Paul became President. Hillary Clinton would have a tougher Foreign Policy than “Iran Paul”.


Most people would consider radical libertarianism and communism polar opposites: The first glorifies personal freedom. The second would obliterate it. Yet the ideologies are simply mirror images.

4 thoughts on “Libertarians Are the New Communists”

  1. Quote-. “A Secretary Norquist would eliminate the Internal Revenue Service and progressive taxation, so that the already wealthy could exponentially compound their advantage, as the programs that sustain a prosperous middle class are gutted” This sentence makes the entire article suspect. I am most definitely not a communist but the IRS and the income tax was absolutely one of the worst things that was ever done to this country. And it is a progressive tax on top of it all. Progressive taxation was one of the goals of the Communist agenda. If everyone shared equally in the income tax misery, reforms would quickly take place. But as it stands now, everyone wants the benefits of income taxes as long as it’s the other guy who pays. And what programs sustain the middle class? The moocher class is the one sustained. The money is TAKEN from the middle class to give to the moochers. I am middle class and i can’t think of any gov’t programs that sustain me – only ones that suck the life out of me and that i despise. I can’t think of anything that wouldn’t be better if the gov’t wasn’t involved and if the gov’t stuck to its constitutionally limited function. This country was prosperous and free before the income tax and it has been on a downhill slope ever since it was created. And you can definitely tell this article was written by a leftist by the repeated attacks on the Koch Bros. The left are like little parrots always chirping – Koch, Bush, Koch, Bush. This article makes the tired argument that it’s an either all or nothing gov’t and we should move to Somalia if that’s what we want. I have seen that so many times in comment sections on articles. No how about we have a gov’t that sticks to it’s constitutionally limited purposes? The author of this article would be calling the Founders communists because what they wanted was a very limited and weak central gov’t. They would be horrified by what the gov’t has become today. It was never supposed to be what it has grown into – sticking its nose into what we eat and virtually everything we do every day. I was surprised to see this article and even the mention of the word communist on Bloomberg. They are trying to project the word communist onto others when they should be labeling themselves. The left does projection very well.

    1. Oh and the article also makes the statement that we should just be reasonable and compromise and be in the middle – yeah that’s what we have done for the past 100 years giving into the progressive agenda and we are progressing right off of a cliff!

    2. There are no jobs for the future generation and 60-70 percent of the country will be under communism in the near future. They have to start somewhere. Obama’s father wanted a 100 percent tax for Kenya. That is the goal in the United States under Obama. .

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