Libtard-arian Ron Paul calls Awlaki hit an ‘assassination’

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Ron Paul had the nerve to defend another Al Qaeda terrorist yesterday by calling the killing of Awlaki an assassination. This doesn’t shock me since most Soviet sympathizers like Ron Paul tend to be Anti-CIA.

Ron Paul is not a “solid conservative” as he is advertised to be by the Soviet robots that worship him. Try comparing Ron Paul’s foreign policy to an Al Qaeda propaganda video and you will notice that they are interestingly similar.

Ron Paul is a “Trojan Horse leftist” that is planted in the Republican Party to confuse people what a conservative really is. I have called for this fraud to be bounced from the Republican Party many times, but I am just a lone voice in the wilderness. The Fox News puppets never dare put out these little details and that is why we are in the mess that we are.

The Libertarian movement is saturated with radical leftists and they have already poisoned the Tea Party like a cancerous tumor. The goal is to turn the Tea Party into one massive Anti-War movement. This is mass brainwashing that would have even made Vladimir Lenin proud. These Libtard-arians are also closet Obama supporters that voted for him, but never publicly admit it.

The Libertarians will vote for Obama again in 2012, because they seek the same civil chaos that the Marxists are seeking. The goal if you don’t already know by now is to tear down the entire Capitalist system so it can be rebuilt under a Marxist Utopian model.

Ask History Professor, journalist and talk show host Jeff Kuhner what he thinks if you don’t believe me.

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9/11 Truthers and Anti-War Leftists adore Ron Paul

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