Live CBS News Feed from Boston: Terrorism at the Boston Marathon

Steve Cooper
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14 thoughts on “Live CBS News Feed from Boston: Terrorism at the Boston Marathon”

  1. Boston PD reports that 50 people are injured and two dead from the Boston Marathon terror attack. How long will it take for Obama to label this terrorism?

    1. UPDATE: Boston Police confirm a third explosive device, this one at the JFK Library grounds, following two bomb blasts at the Boston Marathon. Fox News

      I love how the media uses the word “Explosions” instead of “Terrorism”. #Boston

  2. No doubt that Saudi and his accomplices snuck thru our boarder with the help of mexican drug cartels compliments of Obama

  3. my idea is the worldwide media are all going to cover this one up even if the shithead in chief comes out…and i will forward it to a dozen countries… just to be sure my peeps get it right the first time…. the media in the northeast is just horrible lately…

    1. Why? Brainwashed Leftists and Muslims are at war with Capitalism. That is Why. Just ask the Marxist professors that are brainwashing these future terrorists. #Boston

  4. Via Steve Quayle (“Alerts”):


    Could we be in the middle of a 3 ring circus designed to distract us and keep our anger and focus disipated over a wide area instead of zeroing in on THEE most significant ?

    1. N. Korea.

    2. Gun Grab.

    3. Immigration.

    1. Our government had a secret meeting with N. Korea in “MARCH!!!” They KNOW nothing’s going to happen, but their lap dog media follows orders to “hype it up.”

    2. THEY … know the attempted gun grab will take a long time. It’s like a dance that must “play out,” over a period of time.

    3. Now look closely at immigration !!! If the 30 + million illegals get amnesty, they can EACH bring 5 more family members in, which would be a fast 150 million MORE 3rd world job stealers zinging in. This would be the FASTEST way to wipe us out.

    I suggest ring 1 and 2 are designed to distract us from ring 3. What do you and Hawk think ?

    And thank you for your great service to America sir. DAVID

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