Maria Conchita Alonso Out of Play After Supporting Tea Party Candidate

Conservative News Update:

“We really cannot have her in the show, unfortunately,” the play’s producer, Eliana Lopez, told KPIX. She said Alonso abruptly resigned from the cast Friday after the backlash.

2 thoughts on “Maria Conchita Alonso Out of Play After Supporting Tea Party Candidate”

  1. She resigned under pressure from the Latino community, which is outraged at her support of a notorious Minuteman leader. Eliana Lopez is another actress, not the producer. The director is a friend of Maria’s and asked her to stay when she told him she was resigning, but she felt the controversy would hurt the play and the other actors. The theatre is in the Mission district, which has a heavy population of immigrants from Central and South America. Immigration is intensely personal for most Latinos, and support for a candidate perceived as anti-immigrant is not looked upon favorably.

  2. Great Lady. I wish she would help the 62,000 Homeless American Veterans.,
    I can’t share her support about the Tea Party. I went to one of their meetings and asked for help for my wife who is Jail and they weren’t interested. But they did want to collect money.

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