Marxist teacher calls Tea Party leader a Nazi at Town Hall Meeting

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

A Marxist teacher calls Tea Party leader a Nazi at Town Hall Meeting AND he took all of his toys and ran home….

This is an example of the vermin that is brainwashing your children to be haters. This scumbag needs to look in the mirror, because he is no different than a Nazi. He was called out for his radical left wing biased views and he got upset that he was OUTED.

Leftists love to spew their venom, but they don’t like it when anyone crosses the line and exposes them publicly for the Marxist vermin that they truly are. Then the fangs come out. I have some news for this young Marxist. Hitler and Stalin were ALLIES for many years, but these seems to be scrubbed from the history books.

Listen to my warning: If these dangerous teachers are not removed from their jobs ASAP, there will be disastrous consequences for the next generation. What will these consequences be? They will be throwing your kids into prison rather than calling them ‘Nazi’s’ for daring to disagree with their radical leftist views. Re-education and prison camps are the next phase for these radicals. Just take a look at history and see for yourself.

Nazi war criminals were tried and executed, but communist war criminals got a free pass.    

Thanks to the Drudge Report once again….

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