Marxist Vermin Worried About Armed Tea Party?

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

These communist bastards should have been arrested and executed back in the 60’s and 70’s. They better worry, because the people are onto their treasonous and destructive agenda to destroy the middle class and turn this country into a communist state. They lie to the useful idiots by using words like equality, racism and so on, but that is just a fairy tale.

Many of these left wing terrorists are rich punks with an Ivy League education and they are looking to be part of the elite one day. Well, guess what? They are winning, because Obama is their MAN. Many of these brainwashed college punks will wake up when they are making global warming umbrellas in a ‘green jobs factory’ for $10 an hour. There is your change…

This is Bernardine Dohrn from the Weather Underground terrorist group, wife of Bill Ayers.

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