May Day Terror Alert For Bin Laden Death or Communism?

May Day Terror Alert For Bin Laden Death or Communism?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Fox News reported that there is a terror alert for May 1st, the one year anniversary of Bin Laden being killed by US Forces. You already know my opinion on that farce. Pakistan allowed the Navy Seals to waltz in and out of that heavily guarded compound to help Obama’s sagging polls. Pakistan was upset for 2 weeks and then it all went away. Why? Because it was staged, that is why.

I have predicted a May Day terror attack would happen in the near future. Now it is a perfect time for Marxists to commit an attack so Muslims could be blamed. Retaliation for killing Bin Laden is the perfect cover story. 

May Day (May 1st) is a Communist Holiday around the world. This whole ‘War on Terror’ is really a war against Capitalism by Communists that are using Muslims as their foot soldiers.

Al Qaeda doesn’t attack Russia for a reason. Think about it rather than walking around mumbling “Never Forget” like a brainwashed fool. Ten years later and still the people have no clue what 9/11 was really all about. It is not all their fault of course. The media lies have people brainwashed not to see the Global Marxist conspiracy behind Al Qaeda. 

Al Qaeda is a terrorist group that everyone throws money into by buying Iranian Oil. Sure, some Saudi’s have donated money to the cause in the past, but Iran seems to be taking over total control of Al Qaeda. This has the Saudi’s worried.

There are rumors that The Occupy Wall Street Marxists are planning a May Day offensive also. This will keep the police busy and soften up security around the world. They know exactly what they are doing.


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