Medal of Honor Recipient Claims Superiors Didn’t Send Back Up During 2009 Taliban Ambush

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

The retired Army Captain claims that his superior officers might have been worried about civilian casualties. Of course terrorists breed children and then they surround themselves with those children to use as human shields.

These little ‘human shields’ are future terrorists anyway.

Coward Liberals are controlling life and death situations on the battle field. I had the depth of insight to see this back when I was 19 (in the early 80’s)and thinking about joining the USMC. I decided against it, because I saw traitors like Ted Kennedy and John Kerry were running the show.

These wars would have been over long ago if I were running the show, because Iran would have been erased from the map. Leftists that complained would have been sent to Gitmo with their Muslim terrorist pals.

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