Media Silent about Obama Signing Martial Law Executive Order

Media Silent about Obama Signing Martial Law Executive Order

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

President Obama signed an order that gives the US Government the power to take total control of the food, water, farms and anything else that they could think of in case of a ‘crisis’. After all, like Rahm Emanuel says “You can’t let a good crisis go to waste”.

You would think that this post is from a conspiracy website, but it is from the White House website. This Executive Order was signed on a Friday (slow news day) and not mentioned by any media that I know of. I believe the real goal of this Executive Order is not only for National Defense, but to try and incite the people into more paranoia, fear and eventually unrest. It would be a great excuse to cancel the 2012 Election. Libertarians shouted Bush, Neo-Con, NWO and Martial Law day and night for 8 years, but they don’t seem to do it anymore under Obama. That is interesting. Now you know why I despise Libertarian frauds. 

If George Bush signed this order, the Leftists and Libertarians would be going berserk, but it is okay that it was signed by a fellow Marxist. So, they feel safe. Well, we will just see how safe they will be. These Useful Idiots will be the first to be smashed when Martial Law is declared, because they will feel betrayed when they see how bad it will get.

Maybe this Executive Order is just another forged document like his BIRTH CERTIFICATE?

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