Merry Christmas Monster Fans

Steve Cooper

Today, I estimated that about 5 million people have read The Conservative Monster since May 2009. The following is made up of extremely loyal, freedom loving people from all over the world. The USA, Canada, Russia and the UK are at the top, but there are many more on the long list.

The loyalty of the readers and their thirst to learn more about the Global Communist/Muslim threat has pushed me to constantly evolve my theories and the depth of my research.

Many readers rely on my interpretation of propaganda and media lies to find the hidden truth that is being kept from the masses. The covert deception of the Communists is like a giant puzzle that I put together after every big story breaks.

The biggest traffic days of 2012 were the days following the 9/11 Libya attack, Election Day and the Connecticut shooting that killed those poor innocent children.

I am honored that The Conservative Monster has evolved into a site that people trust for analysis during such tragic events. This trust was earned through years of accuracy. There are many Conservative Monster readers that have been following my analysis on the Internet since 2004 (five years before this site was even built). That is way before Obama was elected or the creation of the Tea Party.

Yes, Drudge may post the links, but he doesn’t post the analysis that I do. Plus, I don’t have a team of researchers. It is just me and a keyboard.

SPECIAL THANKS to those of you that have contributed money to this website, because this is equal to TWO full time jobs. The only reason that I bother to work so hard is to keep the people informed, because they seem to enjoy this site as much as I do.

Have a Merry Christmas and try to avoid fighting with your communist relatives, because they are BRAINWASHED. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’sย 

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9 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Monster Fans”

  1. Merry Christmas too you too Steve! Yes i have had many arguments with my libtard relatives. I started learning about all this stuff a couple of years ago and it is just breathtaking to realize that people i have known practically my whole life are brainwashed Marxists. My 2 brothers in law, my sister in law to name a couple. I look at them now as zombies. You cannot get through to them. I spent Christmas with friends instead. We avoided talk of politics anyways because it is just too depressing – I need a break from all the heaviness. So we had a nice time. Hope you did too.

  2. When i said to brother in law 3 days after the election that the Democrat party has been hijacked by commies he said, now you’re talking crazy! I REALLY did not want to see him on that day as i was still reeling from the election but it was my dad’s birthday so i had to see him. He really has no clue that he believe in Communism. He thinks he is a Democrat. In other words, he has his beliefs which he thinks are benevolent and he really has no idea that they are communist beliefs. When i use the word communism he is truly shocked. He says Communism has been dying around the world! He is clueless as a re so many. I think there are a lot of people like him. The commies have deceived millions into believing their crap without by calling it Democracy instead of communism.

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