Message to Tea Party Leaders: Defend Lt Col Lakin or Prepare for Operation Tea Party Hijack

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

“If the Tea Party Leaders refuse to defend Lt Col Lakin, then we will
HIJACK the next big Tea Party DAY and make it ONE BIG Lt Col Lakin
National Rally. This day will be called Operation: Tea Party Hijack”
– Steve Cooper

The Court Martial of Lt Col Lakin, a great American hero begins on Dec 14th, 2010, but the media and the Tea Party leaders will not even mention one peep about it and it is a damn NATIONAL disgrace. 

I emailed Joseph Farah about this idea, but I did not hear back from him. So, once again it looks like I am on my own with this new plan. One of the Monster fans sent me an e-mail about having a rally before the big Tea Party rallies that will be starting around Tax Day (the 15th) in April. I said that it is very hard to get big attendance at these Obama Eligibility rallies, because the movement has been poisoned by Glenn Beck, the leader of the Anti-Birther movement. All of the energy that moron puts into his blackboard has not accomplished one thing, EXCEPT the successful undermining to organize the Obama Eligibility movement.

Stop telling me how brave Glenn Beck and Ron Paul are if they lack the balls to utter the name Lt Col Lakin. I do not even want to hear it. That is the fastest way to get deleted from my Facebook page, because that tells me that you are just brainwashed.

Despite Beck’s and Bill O’s sabotage of the issue and Fox News’ blackout on it as well, the eligibility movement is bigger than ever, but it lacks the muscle needed to be effective due to the cable TV News blackout. Worldnetdaily is doing a good job, but it lacks the muscle needed to get together a huge national response.

The Tea Party leaders that appear on Fox News lack the guts to bring this issue up, because they will never be invited onto the network again if they ever brought up the natural born citizen issue or Lt Col Lakin being hung out to dry. Would the media give Sarah Palin a pass if she refused to make her school records and birth certificate public? Regardless, Obama’s father was KENYAN and that makes Obama a Kenyan-American and that does not sound natural born to me. 

Well, Tea Party leaders? I have news for you. I will do whatever I can to haunt you and expose you for the cowards that you are for not taking up the defense of a hero like Lt Col Lakin. The Conservative Monster is a very new site, but it is growing daily and the loyalty is phenomenal. If Lt Col Lakin is convicted and thrown into prison and the Tea Party leaders IGNORE THIS, I swear I will do what ever I can to make your lives miserable.

I have heard repeated reports about the Obama Eligibility issue being censored at Tea Party rallies and this censorship has to end. I witnessed this censorship firsthand on 9/12/09 in Washington DC when Orly Taitz was denied the right to speak at the rally. I was outraged and wondered “what are they so scared of? Why are they collaborating with the media blackout on the Obama Eligibility issue?”

AND do not give me that bullshit that this is not the purpose of the Tea Party either. I hear all of you frauds speak about the U.S. Constitution as you all sweep this issue under the rug? This is hypocrisy and cowardice.

1. I am calling on ALL AMERICANS that care about the Obama Eligibility issue to e-mail your tea party leaders and DEMAND that they defend Lt Col Lakin NOW.

2. Tea Party leaders – give Fox News an ultimatum. Let you speak about the eligibility issue and Lt Col Lakin or you will refuse to appear on their network again.

3. Make signs SUPPORTING Lt Col Lakin at for the next big Tea Party Day. If the Tea Party Leaders refuse to defend Lt Col Lakin, then we will HIJACK the next big Tea Party DAY and make it ONE BIG Lt Col Lakin National Rally.

I walked away from the Tea Party (I have been to 6) for several reasons and silence about the Obama eligibility issue was one of them. The massive spending, the installation of an unconstitutional president and many other issues are all connected to dismantle this nation. so, do not tell me about sticking to the issues, because the U.S. Constitution is THE ISSUE.   

The persecution of Lt Col Lakin is the surest sign that we are living
under tyranny and corruption as we speak. DO NOT even call yourself a
patriotic American if you do not defend this man, because he has laid
his entire life on the line as a soldier and now as an officer. the
least that you could do is make a damn sign for him at the next Tea
Party and demand that the Tea Party leaders address this issue

Gen. Thomas McInerney: LTC Lakin Court-Martial; There Will Be Congressional Investigations

Lt Col Lakin’s Website

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